The Fantasy Smith - For Cosplay/Larp and the world's finest costumeparts
The Fantasy Smith - For Cosplay/Larp and the world's finest costumeparts

We make metal costume pieces

Custom, Functional Exo Armor
We combine metal and leather to give realness to your costumes. You feel the heft and strength of our metal, cut into beautiful shapes. Finish off your costume with our leather accents, or talk with us to make a truly unique costume!

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Custom Made!

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New to Cosplay?

It couldn’t be easier. We hand picked some of our products for you, so its easy to get started



Assemble it!
  • Tailored Frame
  • 3 Plain Add-ons
  • 1 Harness
  • Complete freedom


Choose it!
  • Tailored Frame
  • Premade Add-ons
  • 1 Harness
  • Assembled by Professionals


Design it!
  • Custom Designed Frame
  • 3 Designed Add-ons
  • Extra Decorations
  • Own Material choice

The story of The Fantasy Smith

We didn't start out as a costume making company, we are actually a team of close-knit friends who share a passion for creating exoskeletons that are not only cutting-edge and innovative, but also...

Meet the Team

Daniel Olieman:
Student Mechanical Engineering

Luc Notenboom:
Student Industrial Design Engineering

Jesse Strijker:
Student Creative Technology

Daniel Olieman

Luc Notenboom

Jesse Strijker

Daniel Olieman
Specialized in Metal Working
Luc Notenboom
Specialized in design and communications
Jesse Strijker
Specialized in interaction technology and design
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