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We make unique metal costume parts
You make the magic happen
We combine metal and leather in our exoskeleton frames and our accessories. You can feel the strength of our costume parts that give you a sturdy base to attach anything. Finish off your costume with our leather accents, or talk with us to make a truly unique costume!

"It's surprisingly comfortable, I was even able to sleep the night in my frame!"


- Larper


"It's made out of metal, it just feels more real, you know? You don't find this anywhere else."


- Larper

Choose a sturdy base

Industrial bare side unbent 2
Elvish bare side unbent 2

Choose a sturdy base

Consider one of two styles!
You can pick from our two base styles to build your costume with: industrial, and fantasy. The metal can take a beating and is tailormade to fit your arm!

Contact us if you are looking for something else, we'll see what we can do!

Attach accessories

Get our unique add-ons
We make metal base frames and high quality accessories. Personalizing your costume is now as easy as screwing it on!

We always want to expand our selection of accessories and products, so let us know if you have any good ideas. We might make them for you!

Personalize it

Try to spot our base frames in the pictures!
Our sturdy metal base frames give you the freedom to add and connect whatever you want!

Upon request, we'll make holes, add some metal or leather, and make a wearable leather harness to connect the frame to!

"They drilled some holes for me so I could bolt everything onto my frame."


- Larper


"I asked for some extra leather patches, gave them a design, and they lasercut it for me!"


- Larper

Tell us what you need, what we could improve, or kind words of encouragement via this contact form!
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